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How do I travel by bus and rail in the RNN?

The RNN is the public transport association for Rheinhessen-Nahe. All the city and overland buses, trams and regional and rapid transit trains in the Rheinhessen-Nahe region are organized together in the RNN.

RNN tickets are valid for your entire journey – it doesn’t matter how often you switch between public transport operators or different kinds of transport


The timetables are offered in different ways:

  • "Fahrplanauskunft/Timetable" Search for your route from start to destination (english version)
  • "Linienfahrpläne as PDF" Timetables for each bus or train line.
  • "Haltestellen-Aushangfahrplan" Timetable for your bus stop for each bus station and line.
  • "Abfahrtsmonitor" Link to station information with real time depature and arrival times.
  • "Karte Linienweg" Map of the route of a line.
  • "RNN Companion" Link to the RNN timetable app "RNN Companion" for timetable information on your smartphone. If You have chosen "English" as Standard-Language for your smart phone, this timetable app uses English terms.

Where can I buy my ticket?

  • From the driver on the buses.
  • At the rail stations from all ticket machines with the RNN-Logo – whether the ticket machines are yellow, red, green or blue – just look for the RNN logo.
  • In the customer offices and the travel centres >of the transport operators and at the stations in Idar-Oberstein, Kirn, Bad Kreuznach, Bingen Hbf, Ingelheim, Mainz Hbf, Wiesbaden Hbf, Alzey and Worms.

What tickets are available in the RNN?

  • “Einzelfahrkarten”: Single ticket – the ticket is valid for one journey from start to destination.
  • “Mehrfahrtenkarte”: five single ticket sections: you need to validate each of them in the stamping machine in the bus, tram or at the station before you start your journey.
  • “Single Tageskarte/Gruppen-Tageskarte”: Single day ticket / Group day ticket: a day ticket for 1 person (“Single”) or for 2 to 5 persons (“Gruppen”) – valid for one day for all your journeys in the area you choose.
  • “Wochenkarte”:  a weekly season ticket – valid for 7 days – starting from any day.
  • "Monatskarte”: a monthly season ticket – valid for one month – starting from any day.
  • “9-Uhr Monatskarte”:  a monthly season ticket which can only be used on Mondays to Fridays after 9.00 a.m. and before that on weekends – starting from any day.

How much does my ticket cost?

Just enter the destination you want at the ticket machine (city, place) and choose your ticket. The price and the fare stage will then be displayed. You can pay at the ticket machine with notes and coins. At the red ticket machines you can also read the instructions in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.

You can also find out the price for the connection you want in the RNN timetable information under Fahrplanauskunft by clicking on the “€” symbol in the circle. The more zones (“cells”) = fare stages you travel through in the RNN area, the more it costs. You can see how many of these you need to travel through on the “RNN-Wabenplan” (map showing the fare zones).

Here You can find more information

By telephone at the RNN information-telephone
0 61 32 – 78 96 22 (Mon-Thu 9 am - 6 pm, Fri 9 am - 4 pm)

Just come along to the travel centres or customer offices of the transport operators in the RNN. The adresses You find on the page "Kontakt > Kundenbüros"


The time has come – WE ARE STARTING FRESH!

Everyone is talking about traffic turnaround- the Rhein-Nahe Nahverkehrsverbund (RNN) is making it happen: With better and faster connections, with more connection options, more comfort in our buses and a concept that continues to focus on public transport as a real mobility alternative.

Find out what goals we are pursuing with the new RNN bus network and what specific changes will take place in the bus transport in your region. Which buses run differently? Which lines start additionally or have been renamed? Which towns will be better connected in the future? What changes on the bus lines will the evenings or on weekends bring?


Sustainability is both a guiding principle and a driving force for us. The new bus networks make an important contribution to encourage people to switch from car to bus. After all, climate protection is our shared responsibility. With our new bus networks, we offer our citizens an attractive and environmentally friendly service. We contribute to save CO² and living sustainably. So, get on and rethink!


We get people from A to B quickly, safely and reliably - and back again. Our focus is not only on passengers who have been travelling by bus for some time, but also those who consciously want to change. For more sustainability, for less traffic on our roads, for more time for the more important things in life.


We are multi-media: High-resolution LED screens inform you at any time about the route, the next stops or any delays that occur. Whether you want to relax or work on the bus - with USB ports and Wi-Fi, we offer you exactly what you need in the RNN buses to be able to use your mobile phone or laptop without any problems.


With the financial support from the public authorities, the RNN create a new value and comfort in the bus transport, from which you as a passenger can benefit directly: on the one hand through better connections and tighter timing and on the other hand through modern, well-equipped and attractive vehicles with low entry for people with physical disabilities, luggage or strollers.



With the RufBus, we specifically close the gaps in the public transport connections and thus meet the heartfelt wish of many people in rural areas. It runs normally according to the timetable and arrives at the designated stops if your register your trip up to 60 minutes before departure.

More network, more frequency, more bus.

With the new bus networks, we are launching a modern public transport system. We make it easier for you to change to bus and train and upgrade public transport in large parts of our network area - after the Mainz region made the Start in April, the district of Birkenfeld will now follow in August. In the course of the year, the districts of Bad Kreuznach and Mainz-Bingen will be added.

Do you have any questions?

We are there for you! We are happy to accompany you with the conversion to the new line network. Contact us if you have any questions about your connection or if you have any problems.


Since April 1st, 2022, our partner Mainzer Mobilität has been operating the new bus network in the Mainz region.

Many routes are served longer by bus, such as the connections to Budenheim via Mombach. Our night lines secure, among other things, the connection between Wackernheim and Ingelheim. This not only saves money because expensive cab rides are eliminated, but also protects the environment and the climate.

The graphic only shows the upcoming changes and additions to the bus network around Mainz. Unnamed bus lines in the traffic beyond Mainz will remain unchanged. These are expected to start on 17.10.2022 in the public transport concept.


With the new bus line concept, we are expanding our public transport service into the evening hours and into the weekend. Even in off-peak times, we create an alternative offer to private transport.

Going to a party, concert or theater on weekends, having a glass of wine and then taking the bus home? With a wider range of public transport services in the evening, we ensure that no one has to rely on their car to get home.

Downloads about the Mainz region



Be on board when the new bus network is launched in the entire district of Birkenfeld from August 1st, 2022.

We are tripling the line network to 5.4 million bus kilometers per year and thus creating a sustainable infrastructure for bus transport. This benefits not only the people of the region, but also guests and commuters.

Whether it's the presentation of the most important lines, an explanation of the RufBus or information about stop renaming - we are there for you and will gladly support you in the transition to the new route line network.

The map shows the main bus lines. There are other connections such as school bus lines and regional bus lines that are not illustrated.

Downloads about the District Birkenfeld

School transport
Touristic bus lines

Next stop: Wild life!

A special advantage of the new network: The tourist highlights of the region are better connected especially the Hunsrück national park benefits from this. In the future, it will be accessible by bus lines 800, 880 and 890, as well as RufBus lines 822 and 899.

They connect the national park gates Erbeskopf and Wildenburg with the cities Idar-Oberstein, Neubrücke, Birkenfeld, Trier and Rhaunen.

By the way, with the tourist lines you can also reach your favorite destinations by bus if you are traveling by bike. Whether downhill or a bike tour - the bus has a rear bike rack for convenient bike transport. It has never been so easy to travel by bike to the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park.

Discover your tourist line:


Just call Bus!

How to order your RufBus:

Search for your connection in our price and timetable information and enter the start and destination stop as well as the desired time.

As soon as you have found your desired connection, you can book your RufBus directly in our price and timetable information or via the RufBus number 061 32 789616.

Please note that you have to book at least 60 minutes before departure. For group sizes of 9 or more, we require more lead time, so please book at least 72 hours in advance.

We will be pleased to take your order at the following times:

Monday – Friday03:30 am – 11:05 pm
 first ride: 5 am
Saturday05:30 am – 11:05 pm
 first ride: 7 am
Sunday and public holiday  06:30 am – 11:05 pm
 first ride: 8 am

Congratulations, your RufBus has been ordered!

Now all you have to do is stand at your stop at the booked time and the RufBus will pick you up.

Don't be surprised if the RufBus is sometimes a minibus or cab. Depending on the number of passengers, appropriate vehicles are used.

And how does the ticket purchase work?

As always
Simply buy your RNN ticket online via the DB Navigator or from the bus driver. The RufBus costs exactly the same as the normal bus for the corresponding route.

That's it. Your ride can begin!

If something comes up:

How to cancel your RufBus

We know that you can’t always plan everything perfectly in life. If something comes up and you can't use your RufBus, we ask you to cancel it in advance. To do this, simply cancel online by clicking on the cancellation link in your confirmation email or by phone. The sooner you call the better for our planning.

How does the RufBus actually work?

The RufBus comes on order. This means that you simply book the bus in advance using the price and timetable information or by calling 0 61 32 78 96 16 and a bus, minibus or cab will pick you up at your stop.

It runs normally according to the timetable and heads for the designated stops.

The RufBus can only be booked if no other regular bus connections with the same start and destination are available.

When do I have to pre-order the RufBus?

Please register your ride at least 60 minutes before departure. For group sizes of 9, you must book by phone at least 24 hours before departure.

How can I recognize a RufBus?

...at bus stops:
The RufBus lines can be easily identified by the blue telephone receiver at the stops

...in timetables:
The routes in the timetables are also marked with a telephone receiver icon (or headset symbol). The RufBus can only be booked if no other regular bus connections with the same origin and destination are available.

Which bus lines are RufBus lines?

We are launching our new RufBus concept in the district of Birkenfeld

From August 1st, you can choose between the following RufBus routes in the district of Birkenfeld:

  • RufBus 822: Baumholder – Freisen – Neubrücke – Brücken – Birkenfeld – Oberhambach – Börfink
  • RufBus 829: Birkenfeld – Oberhambach – Niederhambach – Wilzenberg – Winnenberg – Idar-Oberstein
  • RufBus 856: Idar-Oberstein – Gerach – Herrstein – Rhaunen
  • RufBus 869: Kirn – Griebelschied – Herrstein – Kirn
  • RufBus 899: Weierbach – kupferbergwerk – Herrstein – Asbach - Wildenburg
Can I book a RufBus permanently?


Whether to school, work or wherever - as a frequent driver and regular user, you can easily book your regular trips for any period by phone.